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Welcome to the Victorian online hub

The Victorian Regional Network Committee provides networking and seminar events in the region, assist in the planning of the professional learning program, and advise the Board and AES committees on member issues in their region. AES members located in Victoria are encouraged to join their local Regional Network Committee.

The Victorian Committee offers a monthly seminar program for February through to November, as well as additional one-off events on a range of evaluation topics. Both AES members and non-members are welcome to attend the free events organised by the committee, which are a great opportunity for networking with other members of the local evaluation community.

For information about the committee and its activities, please contact:
Co-Convenor -Ruth Aston:
Co-Convenor - Caroline Henwood:

Committee members

Ruth Aston (Co-Convenor)
Kerry Brogan
Mandy Charman
Caroline Henwood (Co-Convenor)
Gabrielle Johnson
Alice Muller
Stuart Raetz
Eleanor Williams