The AES Board is supported by a number of Committees, membership and operational groups. 

Board Standing and Strategic Advisory Committees

Each Advisory Committee has an advisory role to the AES Board and is chaired by at least one Board member. The Strategic Advisory Committees focus on the four strategic domains: Cultural Capacity, Pathway, Relationships and Vitality – as per the AES Strategic Plan 2019–2022.

The committees advise on:
 • current strategy, e.g. existing Domain priorities, matters referred by the Board
 • emergent strategy, e.g. bring new/nascent/emerging issues to the Board’s attention
 • operational strategy, e.g. oversee and provide governance for discrete projects these undertaken by project teams whose membership would draw upon the broader AES membership.

All Committee members will have a commitment to, and responsibility for, the following elements of good governance:
Accountability – taking shared responsibility for the operations and impact of the Committee
Transparency – ensuring that information about the Committee’s activities is accessible to the AES Board
Disclosure – being open to scrutiny and dealing effectively with potential conflicts of interest
Independence – maintaining a collective decision making culture and independence from outside direction or interests

Board Standing Committees

Finance and Audit
Complaints (ad hoc)

Board Strategic Advisory Committees

Indigenous Culture & Diversity

Membership and operational groups

Membership Working Groups

Regional Networks
Fellows Committee
Special Interest Groups

Operational Working Groups

Awards & Recognition
EJA Operational Team
Annual Conference

Strategic Project Teams

Stategic Project Teams are time limited groups, with a clear goal and end point. They are under the auspice of the Board and one or more advisory committee; supervised by one or more advisory committees; and managed by the Chief Executive Officer. Project Teams are representative of the diversity of the AES membership. Wherever possible they are supported by a paid project manager.