Submission deadline: 19 February 2018

1. The pre-conference workshop program comprises a set of high quality half-day and full-day workshops that will be held on Monday 17 and Tuesday 18 September 2018 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston. Presenters are asked to submit their workshop in the following categories:

  • A. Foundational evaluation skills and capabilities
  • B. New tools; approaches and ways of thinking for a transforming context
  • C. Advanced evaluation topics.

Click here for a list of suggested workshop topics.

2. Workshops should be designed using adult learning principles and be interactive to maximize participant learning.

3. Workshops can be designed for those who are new to evaluation or for more advanced practitioners. Presenters should make clear which level of expertise the workshop is aimed towards.

4. When submitting a proposal for a conference workshop please ensure you address innovative theoretical and practice knowledge and skills with consideration to workshop participants’ level of experience.

5. Workshop content should focus on developing knowledge, understanding and competencies, evaluation techniques and practices.

6. Proposals for repeating workshops that were successful in previous conferences will be considered.  Evidence of the success of previous offerings should be included in the Justification Statement, as should evidence of the presenters previous workshop facilitation experience.

7. Presenters are paid an honorarium to cover their expenses at the rate of AU$1,600 for a full-day and AU$800 for a half-day workshop (plus GST for presenters who have an Australian ABN and are GST registered). 
NOTE: Two or more presenters may facilitate a workshop, but only one honorarium payment per workshop will be made.

Proposals for a conference workshop must be received by 19 February 2018.

Criteria for workshops

The criteria for the assessment of workshop proposals are:

  • Relevance of the particular knowledge, techniques and practices for evaluation and evaluators
  • Extent to which the proposed teaching/learning strategies and resources are sound and appropriate for the topic and target group
  • Evidence of the presenter being an effective workshop facilitator (for example through receiving positive feedback from other workshops)
  • Extent to which the proposed objectives and prerequisites are clear and appropriate for the target group, and the objectives are achievable
  • Overall value for the target group.

Abstract for a workshop

Your proposal for a workshop should describe:

  • the purpose of the workshop
  • the particular knowledge, techniques and/or practices to be addressed
  • the specific objectives/learning outcomes of the workshop
  • the teaching/learning strategies and resources to be used
  • the target group at which the workshop is pitched, and any prerequisites including the level of experience
  • which domains from the Evaluators' Professional Learning Competency Framework your workshop addresses
  • the category the workshop fits in.

You should keep in mind the assessment criteria for workshops listed above in preparing your proposal.

Justification statement for workshops

The justification statement explains (in 300 words or less) the workshop’s relevance to evaluation and the importance of what you are proposing. It should also provide evidence of 1) your expertise in the area and 2) your experience in workshop facilitation and applying adult learning techniques 3) details of where and when you have presented this workshop before, and if so evidence of success.

Workshop room set-up

When you submit your proposal, you will be asked to choose from the following option

•    Classroom set-up
•    U-shape set-up
•    Cabaret set-up

Note that not all room setups requests may be accommodated. View a sample of the possible room set-ups.

How to submit your proposal

Click here for instructions on how to use and access the online submission system.