We are extremely excited to invite you to submit a proposal for the conference and/or for a pre-conference workshop. With our future-focused theme of 'transformations', we encourage you to join us in thinking differently about evaluation. Come and share your knowledge and experience. Network and learn about what is happening in evaluation, and evaluation-related fields in the Australasian region and across the world.

The conference will be held from 19–21 September 2018 at the Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston. The conference will be accompanied by two days of pre-conference workshops on 17–18 September 2018. We invite you to submit a proposal for the conference and/or a pre-conference workshop.

New in 2018: Ignite presentations

Note: The proposal submission process for the Ignite presentation format has now been simplified. We’d encourage you to consider submitting a proposal using this new presentation format.

This year we are also offering a new opportunity for you to contribute a short 'ignite presentation'. Ignite presentations run for exactly five minutes using 20 slides that auto-advance every 15 seconds. The result is a short and informative presentation – which can often also be very entertaining! For examples of the format see http://www.ignitetalks.io.

The submission process is simple: Provide a title for your talk and a 100 word 'pitch' – and submit via the conference website. Your submission will then be assessed based on relevance to the AES audience. As an optional extra, your pitch can be accompanied by a video recording of your 5-minute ignite talk. This video will not be shown at the conference and need not be high quality – a smart phone recording is fine. Provide a URL to your video published on either YouTube or Vimeo.

Are you a less experienced presenter or not sure if you should submit your proposal to the conference? Then consider an Ignite presentation!

Proposal submission deadline dates

Pre-conference workshop proposals: CLOSED
Conference presentation proposals: CLOSED
Ignite presentations: CLOSED

It is your responsibility to meet these deadlines. The Australasian Evaluation Society cannot be held responsible for errors caused by internet service outages, hardware or software delays, power outages or unforeseen events.

Conference and workshop presenters will be notified of acceptance during May 2018.

Conference registration requirement for final acceptance on the program

All conference presenters must register, and pay, for at least the day they are presenting. 

To ensure that an accepted presentation (and its abstract) is included in the final program at least one presenter must register by 30 June 2018. All presenters must be registered by 31 July 2018.

Note: You must agree to this requirement as a condition of submitting a conference presentation proposal.

The Rosalind Hurworth Prize and publication of papers

Full-text paper submission:

This year we are again awarding a prize to the best full-text paper in honour of Associate Professor Rosalind Hurworth, long time and dedicated editor of the Evaluation Journal of Australasia (EJA). The recipient will be announced during the conference and the paper will be featured in the EJA.

Please note that to be eligible for the Rosalind Hurworth prize a full-text paper submission is required by 14 August 2018. If you do not wish to be in the running for this prize and wish to be considered for publication in the EJA, please submit your paper by 22 September 2018. 

Independent of the Rosalind Hurworth Prize, you are strongly encouraged to submit a copy of your full-text paper for possible publication in the EJA by 30 September. Further information will be sent to authors after abstracts are reviewed.

Advice and assistance

For advice regarding scope, content or structure of proposals contact the conference program chair via email at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (mark 'ATT: Program Chair')


For advice on the submission process, please contact the Australasian Evaluation Society:

Australasian Evaluation Society, 

Tel: +61 (3) 9035 3484 or + 61 (3) 9035 3469 

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Interested in reviewing conference proposals or ignite presentations?

Expressions of interest extended to 15 March 2018.

We are seeking your assistance to review the conference proposals. The call for conference proposals closes on 15 March 2018. If you volunteer, you will need to review the proposals between 26 March and 9 April 2018. 

This year’s conference proposals review will be a double-blind review. This means that author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. The review process is fully automated and anonymous. You will be provided with instructions to guide your review when using the online assessment tool. Reviewer's names will be published in the conference abstract book.

This year we are also looking for reviewers to assess the ignite presentations during the period 26 March to 9 April 2018. These will be reviewed separately from the usual proposals against ignite session assessment criteria. The review may include watching a five-minute video (if provided with submission). You will be provided with instructions to guide your review when using the online assessment tool.

If you are interested, please register here.