Australian Department of Social Services


The Department of Social Services is a critical source of social policy advice for the Australian Government. We work in partnership with government and non-government organisations to ensure the effective development, management and delivery of a diverse range of policies and programs focused on improving the lifetime wellbeing of people and families in Australia.

ARTD Consulting


Established in 1989, ARTD is one of Australia’s leading public policy consulting firms. We work with government agencies, NGOS and communities to make evidence-informed policy decisions; co-design service models and delivery strategies; plan for, track and evaluate outcomes; and continuously improve performance. We were early pioneers in the use of program logic and remain at the forefront of evaluation theory and practice. Our approach is simple—we listen to our clients and their stakeholders and draw on our expertise to bring evidence and insight to decision makers.



At Urbis, we have one simple goal – to shape the cities and communities of Australia for a better future. It’s something we achieve by drawing together a network of the brightest minds. Think of Urbis as a creative community of practice experts, working collaboratively to deliver fresh thinking and independent advice and guidance – all backed up by real, evidence-based solutions.

Whether you engage with us in the areas of planning, design, policy, heritage, valuations, transactions, economics or research, you know you’re dealing with the experts who will connect you to a better outcome, every time. We advise developers, property owners, investors, private firms, NGOs, community groups, industry associations and all levels of government – local, state and federal. We help our clients find a way through the competing interests that surround any project involving people, places and property – community and social concerns, environmental and heritage values, planning policies, commercial imperatives. We believe that the most workable and elegant solutions will emerge – and ultimately, the best cities and communities – when the best minds think and talk and work together.

Clear Horizon


Clear Horizon provides bespoke design, monitoring and evaluation services. We partner with international agencies; local, state and federal government; industry bodies; and not-for-profits to design and implement robust, human-centred monitoring and evaluation, for simple through to complex situations. We're leaders in facilitating theory of change and program logic processes and in design, program logic, theory of change, and monitoring and evaluation training.

ACIL Allen Consulting


ACIL Allen Consulting is Australia's largest employee-owned independent public policy, economics and corporate public affairs consultancy. Staff have the skills and knowledge required to design and undertake rigorous evaluations in practice, including in qualitative research and econometrics.

The firm regularly evaluates large public interventions, such as national policies and international education programs, to more targeted interventions for discrete communities. Staff are experienced in working with Australia's First Peoples, youth and people with a disability, drawing on culturally appropriate research methods. The firm is adept at the application of theory-based methods (program logic), qualitative research methods (such as case study research) and more quantitative studies (cost-benefit analyses or quasi-experimental designs).

Grosvenor Performance Group


Grosvenor’s team of evaluation experts have extensive experience in advising the public sector. From program design and performance monitoring to evaluation and capability development, Grosvenor’s evaluators help you review the success of your programs and make clear, informed decisions.



MEERQAT Pty Ltd is a company dedicated to developing online tools that engage stakeholders in evaluation and other quality improvement activities. Its flagship products – MEERQAT and BPCLEtool – use the latest technology to enable holistic evaluation of programs, projects and processes, tapping into the knowledge and experience of team members and other stakeholders.